Cook decorating a plate

Welcome to What The Food! Or simply WTF!

WTF! is a new, lovingly prepared food section produced by Liquid to inform and entertain on a diverse range of topics relating to all things edible, and drinkable.

Why now?

And why us?

Well, food is one of the hottest topics of daily conversations for friends, families, work colleagues and complete strangers. TV cookery shows, celebrity chefs and 24/7 social media means food is never far from the conversation.

Before people pick up a knife and fork, they grab their phone, snap a picture of their breakfast, lunch or dinner, and post it to Instagram. (We have been known to do this. Quite a lot. But we’re addressing it.)

Food, and drink, also happens to be phenomenally big business. As the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, it pumps £29 billion into the UK economy each year, dwarfing the automotive and aerospace industries, according to the Food & Drink Federation.

So, food is everywhere, it plays a major role in the economic and social life of the nation, and you need it to live.

There is another important reason why we are launching WTF! It is the key ingredient.

The team at Liquid happens to like food. We like it a lot. We love it. We are obsessed with it.

As a PR, marketing and design consultancy, our food division has grown rapidly in the last three years to the point where we now work with prestigious regional, national and international clients, representing their interests in the manufacture, selling, marketing and promotion of specialist products and hospitality services.

Our work encompasses culinary education for school children through to services for high-end dining environments. We count young trainees, early career professionals and Michelin star chefs as friends and colleagues in this fascinating and rewarding industry.

Against this background, it is our aim that WTF! will provide insights on food trends and raise topical and off-beat issues, and, because food is nothing if not controversial, a soupçon of forthright opinion.

Liquid chef director David Colcombe will be offering practical tips and insights. Head of content Richard McComb, a national food journalist, will look at new developments and offer commentary on topical issues. Other members of the team will contribute because everyone at Liquid loves food.

If you would like to contribute to the debate, we would love to hear from you. Please email Richard at