Camper van office

Creative solutions for challenging times

Overcoming obstacles with positivity and smart thinking.

People all around the world are dealing with strange and challenging times, but we have been inspired time and time again by the creative ways people have found to overcome obstacles and combat COVID-19.

It’s times like these when our pioneering thinkers, technological whizzes and all-round clever clogs come up with ingenious ways to solve problems. Whether that’s a smart way to stay in touch with elderly relatives, or a ground-breaking healthcare innovation, it can make a huge difference.

Here are some of the bright ideas that have put a smile on our faces this week.

Drive-by dance session

This heart-warming video of a dancing Hartlepool nana has been widely shared on social media and BBC News after her family parked their car outside her home on Mother’s Day. Providing the soundtrack for her impressive moves, her family kept a safe distance while 81-year-old Charlotte busted a groove. While visits to vulnerable relatives are on pause for now, it’s lovely to see families finding alternative ways to let their elders know they’re not alone.

Van-tastic home office

Our very own senior account manager Chloe Baker has taken the internet by storm after posting a photo of her unusual home office set-up on LinkedIn. To avoid disturbing other members of her household, Chloe has created an office in her parents’ camper van on their driveway. At the time of writing, her post had 5,500 reactions and reached 300,000 people.

Life-saving 3D printing hack

Inventors in Italy have come up with an ingenious solution to help with the shortage of ventilators during the COVID-19 outbreak. Italian company Isinnova discovered that snorkelling masks, already on the market in Decathlon stores, could be converted into makeshift oxygen masks with the addition of a 3D-printed adapter. While the innovation hasn’t yet been certified for medical use, patients can elect to allow the masks to be used in their care.

Socially distanced exercise classes

In Spain, residents in apartment blocks have put their balconies to excellent use by exercising together, while remaining a safe distance apart. This video shows residents joining in with an exercise routine delivered by a personal trainer on a rooftop, helping everyone to stay safe, happy and healthy during the outbreak.

Creating online connections

While video conferencing platforms such as WebEx, Zoom and Skype are being used by remote workers around the globe, that’s not the only way they’re playing a part in the pandemic. Bands and artists are live streaming shows over Instagram, gyms and dance studios are offering online sessions and friends are getting together for virtual dinner parties, all helping to keep people connected.

So, while times are tough, adversity can bring out the best in us.