In all walks of life, people play an integral part and when it comes to PR, undoubtedly one of the most important aspects is being people-centred. The importance of putting people first has long been a core value embodied by the PR sector. Prioritising the needs of your clients, taking care of your team, being attentive, supportive and considerate, all contributes to building incredible relationships.

Championing clients

As a leading PR agency, we pride ourselves on our people centric focus – we recognise the role putting people first plays in achieving our goals and objectives. Our clients are highly valued, we want to provide the best service possible and to do that we aim to become an extension of their teams, we nurture our relationships by becoming fully invested in them and their organisations.

Doing so, enables us to attain a greater understanding of their concerns, challenges and successes. We acknowledge their personal and professional milestones, and champion them every step of the way.

Taking care of teams

At Liquid, we’ve cultivated an environment that the team is at the heart of. We prioritise and promote positive wellbeing through our buddy catch-ups, book clubs and weekly yoga sessions, but most of all, we support one another and take care of each other. Ensuring that our team is happy inevitably leads to a working space that produces great output.

Junior account manager Jess, speaks about the collective impact: “At Liquid, we always make sure we champion both team and individual success, not only does this help build a strong team morale but it boosts an individual’s confidence, knowing that their team is behind them and is proud of the goals they have reached. Recognising someone’s hard work is incredibly important, from both a self-development perspective and it also highlights how supportive we are of each other.”

Sharing the sentiment, junior account executive Owen shares: “At Liquid we go above and beyond to ensure we are people focused. From supporting one another to delivering optimal results for our clients, we are always putting people first. We celebrate our individual and team achievements, and ensure we are continuously improving to be the best in our field. Supporting our colleagues is one of the most important aspects of being a Liquidite, and one that is engrained in the company values. This fantastic work environment encourages strong team spirit and supports morale – everyone is there to lend a hand regardless of the task.”