How marketing and advertising has evolved amid a global pandemic

Undoubtedly the Coronavirus pandemic has caused brands and organisations to drastically rethink their creative activity, but to what extent?

In this post we look at the ways in which marketing and advertising has evolved during this time and how brands and organisations are adapting.

Successful advertising is known to be current, on trend, innovative and creative and so in the midst of uncertainty and the unknown of the ongoing pandemic it’s clear that brands and organisations are navigating unchartered waters.

In such challenging times, it’s easy to misjudge the public mood. Striking a balance, maintaining a sense of creativity whilst providing the right tone can be difficult but it’s equally important for brands and organisations to engage their audience, as now more than ever people are relying on media and online platforms to provide both information and entertainment.

What we’ve seen in recent months are brands taking this opportunity to offer positive creativity.

A great example of this is Virgin Media’s “Stay home, stay safe, stay connected” ad that documents how Brits are keeping positive and connected during lockdown. The ad also featured the NHS #ClapForOurCarers initiative, and along with the music choice and the authentic clips of the public, the result was definitely a heart-warming and morale boosting ad that celebrates British resilience.

Another example of creativity is Ikea’s decision to share its famous Swedish meatballs recipe for the public to make at home and enjoy while in lockdown. Ikea is known for its interiors and furniture as well as its popular variety of Swedish snacks and hot food, and with stores having been closed, the retailer decided to share the famous meatballs recipe online. Ikea used its well-known format for flatpack instructions as the layout for their recipe, simultaneously showcasing creativity while most definitely staying on brand.

Publishing giant Penguin also adapted to the current climate and has launched a new event series called ‘At Home with Penguin’, featuring a portfolio of renowned authors broadcasting live read-alongs from their homes. The livestream is available for fans and readers to tune in and connect with their favourite authors in a uniquely personable way. This is a great initiative that promotes uplifting positivity in these challenging circumstances.

The marketing and advertising landscape has inevitably changed during this time, with brands and organisations making conscious efforts to provide comfort and ongoing positivity to their audience. Successful campaigns, ads and initiatives like the examples we’ve highlighted, have not only strengthened consumer/brand relationships but have also demonstrated the ability to effectively adapt, to maintain the all-important creative flair and business acumen.

Yasmin Akhtar, Junior Content Executive