The Importance of Video Content in Digital Marketing

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about video?

This phrase was coined generations before video content has recently started to dominate in digital marketing. A study taken in 2020 showed that more than 99% of people who use video content for marketing say they’ll continue using video in 2021. This is clear evidence of video content’s recent success in the digital marketing sphere. 

But why has video content become so successful?

One obvious reason is that the majority of the population nowadays has a high-quality video recording device in their pockets – their smartphones. This creates endless opportunities for video content production whenever and wherever people may be. 

Another reason why video content has thrived in recent years is because, put simply, people like them. Videos are an easy-to-digest format that allow people’s eyes a rest from textual content that dominates the internet. Videos can be as simple or as elaborate as is required, therefore, they are beneficial for all audiences. 94% of marketers actually admit that using video content has helped increase their user understanding of a product or service.

Video content also caters for all attention spans. Ranging from Instagram reels and TikToks that can be up to a minute and three minutes long respectively, to webinars and self-hosted courses that can be hours long. The same study from 2020 reveals that 85% of people would have liked to see more video content from brands in 2021. 

Digital marketers are beginning to appreciate the importance of video content due to its extensive benefits and recent success. Cheap and accessible video software solutions have enabled a higher return on investment for companies – making video content an attractive option for many. 96% of people have expressed this year how they will either increase (67%) or maintain (29%) their spend on video marketing. Free software such as Premiere Rush, DaVinci Resolve and Doodly are only a small representation of the various platforms available for economic video creation. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another area of digital marketing that video content can lend its hand to. A recognisable feature of google is that they include videos at the top of the page for many common search terms. Therefore, uploading videos that target common search terms can place your information in an enviable position on a google search page.

These statistics show how video content in digital marketing strategies is on the rise, and it doesn’t look like it is going to slow down anytime soon. Digital marketers will continue to take advantage of this versatile and engaging form of content.