Canadian Flag in Vancouver

Canada offers trade opportunities post-Brexit

The size and importance of Canada as a global trading power was reinforced at a recent Great Birmingham Transatlantic Chamber event.

While we might consider China and the US to be the giants of international commerce, have consideration for the second largest country in the world – Canada.

The sheer scale of the nation is a defining factor in its trading relationships. Look south to the largest unprotected border and £1.5 billion of trade passes over the Canadian/US border every year.

Look west to Vancouver with its decidedly Asian view; consider the northern areas as they look to the Arctic; and then the east with its focus on the Atlantic and Europe.

Canada, with a population of just 36 million people, has leveraged global trade agreements to develop a modern silk road, weaving across the world. Canadians appreciate the value of free trade and investment and welcome new markets and inclusive working relationships.

While many may look at Canada to offer back-door access to the US in times of difficult negotiations with President Trump, in the UK we need to see Canadian markets as an opportunity.

With familiar working practices, cultures and a shared sense of humour (trust me on this), Canada is a neighbour we should embrace in the post-Brexit era.

Lis Lewis-Jones, Liquid CEO