Liquid team selfies

Working from home: the four-month milestone

As today marks four months since we began working from home, we’re looking back on the last few months and what we’ve learnt during this time.

On our very first day of working from home, Liquid had a conference call with our UK, Jersey and Guernsey teams and our strategy was discussed. Our four-point strategy consists of:

1. Do good work.
2. Protect client fees.
3. Control costs.
4. Look after each other.

Since that initial team meeting four months ago, we have used this strategy to effectively navigate the current climate. The well-being of each of our Liquidites is a constant priority, and through training sessions, weekly yoga, virtual socials, a mindfulness workshop, collaborative work and communication, our team spirit is alive as ever.

With countless zoom meetings and creative solutions to the challenges of lockdown, we’re now well accustomed to working from home. Although it has been a difficult and uncertain time, we’ve learnt to adapt, take a new approach and do what we do best.

Though it’s been a worrying time for everyone, there have been plenty of positive moments to keep us all smiling. We have been shortlisted for seven PRCA DARE Awards, have had four team member promotions, and had the welcome addition of account director Dan and junior account executive Izzy to our Birmingham team.

Before the pandemic, the idea of a team member starting their new role remotely would have been unheard of, however Dan and Izzy have shown that it’s absolutely possible to become an integral member of the team without having met most of your colleagues in person!

While we may still be faced with uncertainty as restrictions and regulations are deliberated, at Liquid we continue to do great work, adapt quickly and look forward to being back at the office with the whole team, whenever that may be.