Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Royals in exile

With a career as a high-profile actress, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that Harry and Meghan’s announcement to step back from senior royal duties came via Instagram.

As a platform, it is the one favoured by celebrities and a million miles away from the traditional press announcement you’d expect from Royal Households.

The timing of the announcement shouldn’t go unnoticed either – released late in the afternoon it was obviously perfectly timed for the US media rather than the UK press. Our nationals and tabloids were left with their late teams scrabbling to amend and fill copy as the story broke.

With a reported commercial team and a PR company already set up in Hollywood, it’s obvious that Harry and Meghan are looking to focus their ‘financial independence’ across the pond – the method, timing and language of the announcement gives plenty of insight into their new focus.

Meanwhile the two-sentence statement from Buckingham Palace leaves you with no doubt as to how the news has been received closer to home. A lesson that whatever your family dispute, like any organisation or business, you have it behind closed doors.