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Considering a career in PR?

Hear from our senior team and new recruits about why they love working in a PR agency…

PR is a profession that offers variety in abundance and a whole host of opportunities. Spanning from traditional press and media relations to creative campaigns, content and digital aspects, as well as agency and in-house offerings, the range of roles available within PR is wide and diverse.

We asked seasoned professionals Chloe and Hollie, our junior account directors, what their favourite things about working in a top Birmingham PR agency are.

Hollie Jones, junior account director 

Hollie says, “I think my favourite things about working in the industry is that every day is different and I’m constantly learning about new sectors, new organisations and picking up new skills. I love being able to talk to and work with so many different people.”

Chloe Baker, junior account director 

Chloe’s favourite things are, “The people. Whether it’s clients or colleagues, the breadth of creativity across the industry is inspiring. It’s all about sharing, learning and improving, which is why I love this job.

There is no better feeling than working on a project that produces results for a client. Making a real difference to the bottom line but also creating lasting change across a variety of different industries.”

Chloe also has some words of advice for anyone contemplating a PR career:

“Top tips? Be a sponge. Listen and take on board feedback – don’t see it as criticism as it’s only helping you to grow as a person.

Stay calm. Your to-do list might be the length of your arm but as we like to say…it’s PR not ER. We enhance lives so just do your best and make sure you communicate with your team if you are struggling.”

For those of you who are stepping in to the footholds of your careers, you might be wondering whether PR is for you.

We’ve spoken to new additions to the Liquid family, junior account executives Izzy and Owen, who share their insights on working in PR and navigating the world of work during these uncertain times.

Izzy Jenkins, junior account executive 

Izzy, who works within the Liquid’s press office, says “During my time at Liquid so far, I have thoroughly enjoyed the great range of clients I have been able to work with, along with the early and growing responsibility I have been given on these accounts. As an example, I have particularly enjoyed working with Maple from Canada UK, being involved in the culinary space and learning to cook lots of new delicious recipes with maple syrup too! With a great supportive network around me, the team at Liquid have made my first few months full of satisfying work and, of course, fun! In addition, Liquid is providing me with significant learning opportunities, including attending online webinars with key media outlets and multiple training courses with Adrian Wheeler. I particularly enjoyed Adrian’s most recent training for Crisis Communications, finding it extremely relevant for companies during the current pandemic.”

Owen Maginnis, junior account executive 

Owen says, “Ordinarily, starting a new job will often provide plenty of challenges, and even more so when joining during a global pandemic! However, the level of support I’ve received since joining Liquid has been phenomenal. From in-depth client overviews to daily progress meetings, combined with introductions to all the different aspects of the business, I have had a comprehensive and enjoyable induction.

I am relishing every aspect of my new role at Liquid and there are some elements of the business that have really helped to contribute to that. Firstly, my colleagues have made my introduction to the business, clients and PR as a whole, as smooth as possible. Their friendliness and extensive industry knowledge, combined with company-wide training sessions, have really helped my integration. Furthermore, virtual socials and mindfulness sessions have provided a unique work-life balance in the current working climate.

The variety within my role has been incredibly engaging, with no two days the same. Not only has the work been varied, but the diverse range of clientele has provided a fantastic opportunity to develop my knowledge of different industries. I have also really appreciated the opportunity to progress my skills in writing, social media and strategy, hopefully enabling me to contribute to Liquid’s success in the future.”

Source: Liquid’s graduate scheme

At Liquid we also offer a work-focused graduate scheme, Source. A two-year programme that covers 10 modules, through a combination of in-house and external training, attending PRCA courses, PRCA webinars and podcasts, plus other online training including Google Digital Garage.

Graduates will benefit from a hugely varied workload and client base – and will get a taste of the food, hospitality, financial services, property and education sectors.

The team at Liquid are incredibly varied and bring with them their own skills and qualities that allow them to thrive in the working environment that Liquid have cultivated.

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