Fabulous fillings: our favourite sandwich selections to celebrate World Sandwich Day

World Sandwich Day, which falls annually on the 3rd November, gives us the opportunity to celebrate the most convenient, limitless, but so often disappointing of all foods – the humble sandwich. 

The origins of World Sandwich Day may have been lost over time, but we can track the history of our favourite food back to John Montague – the 4th Earl of Sandwich! The story goes that in 1976, the Earl, who was fond of gambling, asked his cook to make him a meal that wouldn’t interfere with his 24-hour long gambling streak. The cook gave him meat between two slices of toast, which only required one hand to eat, and the rest is history.

While the Earl, who held convenience at the top of his food priorities, may be proud of his legacy of a grab-and-go packaged sandwich, we think flavour beats convenience. We’ve come up with a list of exciting, fresh, and decadent ideas to reignite your love for sandwiches.

Start the day right 

This ‘ultimate breakfast sandwich’ brings together all the best bits of a traditional English breakfast – sausages, bacon, egg, and hash browns – packed between a slightly sweet brioche bun and spiked with a mayo-based hot sauce. Now that’s a proper start to the day!

If meat isn’t your go-to first thing in the morning, then this vegetarian breakfast sandwich won’t leave you disappointed. This delight features siracha mayo, smashed avocado, fresh coriander, crisp red onion, and is topped with a runny egg – super fresh and perfect to give you a morning boost.

Legendary lunches

The club sandwich has become a popular feature on hotel lunch menus around the word but, unlike its clearly defined layers, the roots of this sandwich are less well known. Whether you reside in the Chicken Lettuce Under Bacon (CLUB) camp or give credit to the Unionist Club in New York, this classic recipe won’t disappoint.

Fast becoming a modern classic, the American-style pulled pork sandwich has been adopted as a new favourite by Brits and we think this vegan version could follow suit. Made with just 10 ingredients; jackfruit is shredded in a tangy BBQ sauce, paired with smashed avocado, and topped with salted cashews for an epic bite – who said vegan sandwiches had to be boring?

Dinners with a difference

The sandwich is an often-overlooked option for our evening meals with pasta, potatoes, and rice usually taking the carbohydrate crown. But this World Sandwich Day, we want to inspire you to embrace the sandwich at your dinner table with these next two recipes.

First up, Jamie Oliver’s ‘next-level’ steak and onion sandwich, transforms a cheaper cut of beef – the flank – into a bold, hearty, family favourite meal by combining thick slices of pink steak with sticky caramelised onions in a crusty baguette. This one is a must try.

In Vietnamese cuisine, the Bahn Mi is a staple food made by street food vendors across the country. Consisting of a crusty baguette split lengthways and filled with fresh and vibrant ingredients, this decadent vegan version is stuffed with veggies, hummus, Asian-style dressing, and hot sauce. Perfect for something different! 

We’re going to be celebrating on the 3rd November – is it acceptable to have sandwiches for all three meals?!