Ageing Better in Birmingham, leaflet design

Ageing Better in Birmingham

Ageing Better in Birmingham is a movement of volunteers formed by Birmingham Voluntary Service Council with the aim of helping to make the city a place where older people are valued and supported.

The brief

Liquid was asked to develop a brand identity, key messages and communications tools to reflect the skills and experience of older people, and to help the volunteer team raise awareness of the initiative among older communities.

What we did

We believed it was important to reflect the contribution of older people to the life of the UK's second biggest city. We were keen to include visual cues to the city’s history – elements that would resonate with the target audience. The final branding featured a circle of linked hands, some of which were holding items referencing Birmingham's industrial heritage. A sprig of oak and acorns were used to symbolise the ancient forest of Arden, whose former presence can still be felt in the city's cover of oak trees.

Ageing Better in Birmingham, leaflet design