Maple online food festival

Delivering a fun, foodie virtual event during a global pandemic.

In the past, we have supported the Québec Maple Syrup Producers with holding events to promote pure Canadian maple syrup and its many benefits. However, in March 2020, public events abruptly ceased, creating a new challenge.

The brief

In early 2020, Liquid created a brand new cookbook for Maple from Canada, featuring 50 delicious recipes with pure Canadian maple syrup as the magic ingredient. Our original plan had been to hold an event to promote the new book, but as the global COVID-19 pandemic began to take hold, it became clear that there would be no mass gatherings or public events in the near future.

What we did

We wanted to hold a fun, family-friendly event to promote the cookbook without putting the public at risk. So, we created the very first Maple from Canada Online Food Festival! Our chef ambassadors agreed to host recipe demos and cook-alongs via Instagram TV, showcasing five of the incredible new recipes from the cookbook and creating an interactive experience for viewers to follow along at home. This was supported by press and influencer activity, including sending out physical copies of the cookbook and inviting key contacts to 'attend' the event.

The result

The online food festival was a brilliant success with a significant increase in social media engagements and positive comments – Georgie’s daughter Persephone was the star of the day! The videos achieved more than 3,700 views on Instagram TV within the first few days and more than 1,000 copies of the cookbook were downloaded within three weeks of the launch. The Maple from Canada mailing list grew by 65% in three weeks and the cookbook download page achieved a conversion rate of 11%.

All of the videos from the day are available to rewatch here, and you can download your very own digital copy of the cookbook here.