Working from home with cat

Working from home, staying together – and avoiding the biscuit tin

Working from home is never easy after life in a busy, vibrant office.

It’s not just the isolation from colleagues, it’s the endless call of the fridge, knowing where the biscuit tin is hidden and the distraction of the cat.

At Liquid, we had an all company team call with our UK, Jersey and Guernsey teams to ensure we’re “work ready” while we are based at home. Our attitude is that it’s “business as usual” and we went through a simple, memorable and hopefully effective four-point strategy:

  1. Do good work. Really great work. Ensure delivery, quality and creativity isn’t compromised.
  2. Protect client fees.
  3. Control costs.
  4. Look after each other.

As members of the PRCA, we have the Consultancy Management Standard and therefore robust business continuity plans are in place and these are tested regularly. We have the technology and equipment to work from home effectively.

Our main concern is to ensure everyone feels motivated, included and never isolated. A “buddy scheme” means the team get a call every day to check on them and ensure they’re coping with the situation and the isolation. The well-being of every Liquidite is a priority for us.

Week one went well but we’re under no illusion. We are equipped and ready for the long-haul.

Lis Lewis-Jones, CEO Liquid