TikTok Viral Food Trends

Whether you downloaded TikTok as a distraction from the mundane or to keep up with the viral trends, it is more than likely you will have seen a crazy #foodhack at some point!

Many weird and wonderful creations, commercial and homemade, have had their day at the top of the trending list. From pancake cereals, Feta pasta, and chicken wings to the long-running obsession with Little Moons Mochi, we’ve seen the lot.

How it all Started

Arguably the first major viral trend sending “TikTokers” wild was the mini pancakes cereal. First shown by @Melanie_Locke, starting #pancakecereal which has generated (at the time of writing this article) 1.6 billion views, with this figure increasing by the day!

For those who don’t know, the little pancake cereals are a homemade creation that saw creators frying pancake mix in 1-inch circles and piling into a bowl to be served with milk and syrup.

This became an overnight sensation inspiring many to one step further and get creative. Cookie Cereal is a spin-off treat created by @justinmshuble and consists of baking little circles of cookies and serving with milk.

Little Moons

Little Moons are a Japanese mochi dessert that soared to fame on TikTok earlier this year. If you were to search for #littlemoons, the 30 results that appear have a combined viewing of nearly 415 million.

It’s not all bark and no bite either- since going viral, Little Moons sales have increased by 700% and the public wants more!

Due to the surge in demand, these tasty little treasures have become so scarce that there are now accounts dedicated to finding them!

Little moons are not the only products seeing a rise to the limelight either, hundreds of other products are experiencing increased interest whether it’s because they taste good, are healthy, or simply for their aesthetic.

The Secret Ingredient

TikTok appeals to the decreased attention spans of Generations X, Y, and Z by providing entertaining videos in under sixty seconds.

Due to this short duration, users want to see exciting, quirky, tasty, and simple ways to improve existing dishes. With modern technology meaning that information is always at the tip of your fingers only the keenest of young cooks are taking the time it takes to read a cookbook. Why would they when the latest trend is just a swipe away?

Food fads don’t just involve turning classic sweet treats into cereals either; many other trending foods that fit the criteria like one of our favourites, cloud bread!

Created by @linqanaaa, Cloud Bread is a mix of egg whites, sugar and corn-starch that when combined, gives the bread a pillowy soft texture, many also add food colouring, so it looks similar to cotton candy.

#foodhacks are growing in popularity by the day but, will this new creativity and culinary interest continue when lockdown ends?

How can I go viral on TikTok?

Sadly, there is no way to say for sure, but you never know unless you try! Many brands have found success on TikTok, creating reputations which in many cases have little to do with the purpose of the brand.

Although not in the food and drink sector Ryanair has done so perfectly. By keeping on top of viral trends, Ryanair has gained a substantial 531,000 followers since joining in May 2020. Using the platform to combine advertising and viral content in a fun and relevant style, the travel providers have seen a rise in forward bookings. The brand is quick to respond to trends and have managed to stay relevant, which is arguably the most important thing for a fast-paced app such as this.

Even with the future of TikTok fogged with uncertainty, there is still time to make your mark and who knows, maybe it will be your name on the trending page next!

Is your brand is looking to add TikTok to the marketing mix? Here are some surefire ways to hit the mark from the get-go…

User-generated content is king these days, and one of the best ways to get noticed is by reactively participating in TikTok challenges that align with your brand. Challenges are great for ‘trend jacking’ and the platform’s algorithm prioritises this kind of content to show in feed, helping you attract followers and potential customers.

Making strategic hashtag choices will also have a big impact on success and create new opportunities to boost your reach and followers. Find out which hashtags your competitors are using, look at content within interest categories that are most relevant to your brand, and incorporate trending hashtags.

Be authentic, create unique videos and tell a story! You have 60-seconds to bring joy and inspire creativity, so use that time to showcase the personality that will make people remember you. Your videos should have a beginning, middle and end, and text overlays will help you deliver your message. Think about your music choices too – audio is the key to TikTok hearts. Take advantage of their Library or partner with a DJ to produce your own custom tunes!

Last but not least, if you’re looking to leverage the platform but feel uncertain of the territory, then you may want to consider influencer partnerships. Collaborators that are native to TikTok have a deep understanding of the community and can be instrumental to elevating your marketing strategy. Give them the brief then let them shine for you!

Will you be using Tik-Tok for inspiration?