Dish with quail eggs

Styling tips for your Easter table

Say hello to spring with our subtle styling tips to make your dishes and table full of the joys.

This Easter will be a little different to most years for many families. Instead of a big family gathering, we’ll be enjoying a smaller meal with the members of our households. That doesn’t mean we can’t still have some fun with food and table styling, and with so many items available to order online, you should be able to get hold of everything you need without stepping foot outside the house.

Easter food styling doesn’t have to be all about bunnies and colourful eggs. There are plenty of ways to add a hint of seasonal style all sure to make your creations the envy of Instagram.

Add a splash of sunshine

Sunny yellows are synonymous with the season, so a colour scheme incorporating these hues will immediately sing of spring.

Fresh daffodils are the obvious flower choice, but any yellow blooms will fit the bill. If fresh flowers are off the table this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, artificial alternatives will still look lovely and last all year round. Team the floral touches with yellow napkins and candles for a stunning table setting.

Not a fan of yellow? Go for fresh greens instead and the spring vibes will still shine through.

Easter styling tips

Go back to nature

Spring sees nature returning to its full glory after a long, cold winter, so incorporating natural elements into your food and table styling is a great way to celebrate.

Combine rustic materials like hessian or burlap with fresh flowers for a simple but stylish spring table. If you happen to have a distressed wooden table to complete the look, that’s even better, but whatever you have at home will do just fine.

Rustic table styling

OK, let’s add some eggs

Yes, we said no eggs, but we’ll break our own rule on this one. If you want to steer clear of brightly coloured Easter eggs but still want to include a nod to the holiday, here’s our top tip. Quail eggs. If you can get hold of some online, they’ll look gorgeous as part of place settings, or as decoration on your dishes.

Better still, use them to decorate dishes featuring eggs as the starring ingredient, like this fresh green salad with quail eggs and pine nuts. 

Dish with quail eggs

Ignore everything we just said

Of course, if you want to ignore all of the above and go all out with the Easter fun, then why the devil not?

Food is all about expressing yourself and enjoying what makes you and your family happy. So, if you feel like jazzy eggs and bunnies, by all means, go for it.

However you decide to celebrate, have an absolutely eggcellent Easter.

Kids at Easter