Seasonal celebrations in the year of COVID-19

We all know that Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas 2020 are going to be rather different to what we’re all used to…

…but there are still lots of ways that we can enjoy some spooky, sparkly and festive spirit while staying safe and sticking to the rules. Whatever those rules may be where you are!

(Support) Bubble, Toil & Trouble

Trick or treating might be off the cards this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a fright fest at home with our support bubbles!

Whether it’s going all out and decorating the house for a Halloween party the little terrors will love, or just having a quiet night in with a scary movie or two, we can make sure that we’re still getting our fill of treats this year.

Forget the store-bought treats that you used to hand out to the ghouls and goblins from next door, with a more personal Halloween comes the opportunity to bake some scarily tasty goodies.

From a rich and sweet seasonal pumpkin pie to some bold and bright Halloween biscuits, there’s recipes for monsters great and small.

Want to take your hand-made Halloween even further? Good Housekeeping have an extensive list of DIY decorations, so you can give your household a haunting look whatever your level of craft.

Socially distanced sparklers 

Big, organised bonfires and firework displays may be a no-go this year, but we can still celebrate the anniversary of the gunpowder plot in fun ways.

Earlier in the year, neighbourhoods came together on their doorsteps to applaud the hard-working NHS. Why not organise a socially distanced celebration on Bonfire Night, with everyone coming out on their doorsteps with sparklers at the same time?

Many councils are also organising surprise firework displays that will be visible from many people’s homes, so you can enjoy all the festivities from the garden.

Need to stay warm while you’re watching the display? An autumnal pumpkin, chestnut and maple soup is an inviting seasonal favourite.

Prefer a lighter snack? You can’t go wrong with the warming flavour of a classic cinnamon roll, finished with a sweet maple glaze, on a cold November night.

Connecting at Christmas

In the digital age we find ourselves in, technology has adapted and has paved the way for instantaneous connection and communication, bridging the gap and allowing us to connect with loved ones across the world.

Technology has also enabled us to enjoy various events and virtual experiences from the comfort of our own home, and with Christmas being such an occasion – there’s no doubt there’ll be a whole host of online and virtual experiences to participate in this year.

Food is without a doubt an integral part of any Christmas celebration and even if you are celebrating on a smaller scale this year, there are some classic dishes that are not to be missed!

Starting with a classic roast turkey, this traditional recipe guarantees a succulent roast that will definitely be the star of the show.

Another key component of a Christmas dinner are these maple pecan brussels sprouts, a sweet richness complemented with nutty pecans.

For dessert we have Mary Berry’s Christmas pudding, loaded with fruit and a creamy brandy butter this is sure to impress.