Pomerol Wine

Everyone at Liquid is fascinated by food, so we thought we would ask members of the team what they love, and occasionally, loathe. (But mainly love).

First up is Liquid CEO Lis Lewis-Jones.

Headshot of Liquid CEO Lis Lewis-Jones

What’s your favourite breakfast?

I always start the day with hot water and a slice of lemon, and a spinach smoothie using a vegan protein powder.

You may think that’s a bit too healthy but when you are egg, wheat, dairy and corn-intolerant, it makes the most difficult meal of the day quick and easy.

For a treat, it’s smoked salmon and avocado.

You are shipwrecked on a desert island. But you have fresh water and an Aga. Name five ingredients you can’t live without.

Can it be an Everhot rather than an Aga… more environmentally friendly? I’m not entering into the spirit of this, am I?

I can’t live without Earl Grey tea bags, fresh spinach, red onions, rape seed oil, and between April-June, wonderful Jersey Royal potatoes.

As my fifth ingredient is seasonal, and as I’m the boss, I’m suggesting a sixth ingredient: salt. Have you tried Droitwich Salt? You must. Sustainable and produced in Worcestershire.

Name four famous people, living or dead, you would invite to a “fantasy” dinner.

Audrey Hepburn: not just to see if she’d be in a little black dress, but to hear about her humanitarian work.

King Richard III: because we all want to find out what happened to the princes in the Tower, don’t we? And how did he end up in a car park?

Emmeline Pankhurst: just so I could say, “Thank you.”

Prince Charles: I think there’s far more to him than the press portray and I have a feeling he would be very good company.

Fish and chips or sushi?

Fish and chips… but the batter removed, please.

What is your favourite drink?

On a Liquid team trip to Bordeaux, I tried the most memorable Pomerol. Loved it. Smooth, spicy, warm. Just perfect.

What annoys you the most about eating out?

Try walking into a restaurant with a list of food intolerances. That’s a test of a good kitchen and service. If they realise it’s serious and not a fad diet, you know you’re in for a good evening.

What dish, restaurant, or experience opened your eyes to the wonder of food?

My mother was a great cook and was forever talking about food. When I was seven, at a time when lasagne was considered exotic, she used to make her own incredible curries. I always had a list of friends who wanted to come and stay.