How lockdown changed our lunchtime habits

A lot has changed over the past year, including lunch times…

Gone are the days of rushing to the nearest Tesco or scoffing an uninspiring sandwich in between meetings at your desk – lunch time has now evolved into something much more.

Made with love

With remote working paving the way for a new normal, the extra time at home is proving to have its benefits. The flexibility that comes with working from home has definitely demonstrated how to make the most of the time we have. An example of this is the ability to make home-cooked, nutritional meals for lunch.

While initially, it was clear that many people had difficulty establishing a solid work/life balance, which resulted in skipped breaks and lunches, a year on things are changing for the better. Being, at most, a short walk away from our kitchens contributes largely to the fact that prioritising our health and well-being is becoming more accessible. Where we would previously pick up sweet treats on our way in to the city or while choosing a meal-deal, we’re now able to take time to make well-balanced meals.

With the rise of cooking and baking becoming a trend in itself, it’s easy to see why so many people are turning to lunchtimes to add structure, (delicious food) and excitement to their days.

A breath of fresh air

Another positive trend that has come out of lunchtimes in lockdown is the rise of midday walks. This, again, is something that contributes to positive health and well-being and is something that has become increasingly popular. As the days are getting warmer and brighter, walking has become a welcome respite for many.

Changing the day up with a much needed screen break and some time in nature, whether that’s a walk in the local park or just a quick run around the block, is something so many of us now look forward to as part of our daily routines.

The return to the offices will surely see some positive changes to the lunchtime lull, whether that’s making the effort to bring in well-balanced meals or making the most of the weather and going for a stroll around the city. With restrictions gradually easing and al-fresco dining becoming all the rage, lunchtime is yet again adapting.

How have you been making the most of your lunchtimes?