Cooling iced coffee recipes for warm spring days

Every coffee lover has been there; it’s a warm, sunny day and you need your daily caffeine fix, but that hot cup of coffee just isn’t going to pair well with the rising mercury levels.

But fear not, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite iced coffee recipes to keep you cool whilst still giving you the energy boost that you need.

Iced Latte

The Cafe Latte, commonly known as the Latte, is the Cappuccino’s big brother, where everything revolves around soft, velvety milk. Contrary to popular folklore, the Latte did not originate in Italy –  when espresso first went global, it was an experience too bitter and intense for many coffee drinkers, so the Latte was created to satisfy those who wanted a more chilled out coffee experience.

To really chill out, ask your barista to throw your Latte over ice on a warm sunny day, or make your own with this recipe.

Iced Mocha

Coffee and chocolate have so much in common; both plants thrive in tropical countries along the equator, both are grown for their beans which are roasted to unlock their taste sensations, and most of us love what both of those beans become.

If you’re one of those people, let us point you in the direction of the Iced Mocha – a double shot of espresso, mixed with chocolate and steamed milk, poured over a bed of ice, and perfect for those sweet-toothed coffee lovers. Get the recipe here.


Affogato literally translates from Italian to “drowned” in English, which makes it the perfect name for this drink as an Affogato is a scoop – or two – of ice cream drowned in espresso. Eat the ice cream, then drink the espresso with any of the ice cream that has melted into it.

If you’re an ice cream lover and a caffeine-fiend, then this is the drink for you and you can find the recipe here.

Cardamom Iced Coffee

Cardamom and coffee have long been paired together throughout the Middle East and South East Asia, where cardamom is grown. Using this recipe, pair the two up in a milky brew over ice for a creamy, floral, and refreshing pick me up on those warm spring days.

Which of these cooling coffee creations will you be making?