Beef casserole

Classic comfort food for wintery weather

Pies, stews, puddings and more foods that bring us comfort and joy…

The Oxford dictionary definition describes comfort food as ‘food that provides consolation or a feeling of well-being, typically associated with childhood or home cooking.’ With the year we’ve had and the cold weather fast approaching, it’s natural to be reaching for indulgent and comforting meals that bring us joy.

Comfort food is something we all know and love. The variety of comforting dishes is wide and diverse, and we’ve compiled a list of classics that are sure to become a household favourite if they aren’t already!

Spiced parsnip soup

Parsnip soup

A velvety soup, ideal for cosy evenings in. Quick, easy and filling – not to mention packed with flavour and spiced with garam masala and paprika. Get the recipe.

Creamy fish pie and leek pie

The classic with a twist  – fish pie made with king prawns, salmon and haddock, topped with cheesy mash. Get the recipe.

Maple beef casserole with winter root vegetables

Beef casserole

This slow-cooked beef is hearty and wholesome, comprised of components that evoke warmth and comfort. From creamy mash to sweet, succulent beef and the sweetness of pure Canadian maple syrup – this dish is a definite crowd pleaser. Get the recipe.

Warm Nutella puddings with chocolate caramel

Nutella pudding

Deliciously decadent and utterly indulgent, these Nutella puddings will definitely brighten any dreary day. Get the recipe.

Fig sponge pudding

Baked figs and thyme make this sponge pudding a warming and comforting dessert, perfectly on theme for the approaching season. Get the recipe.

What are some of your favourite comfort foods?