Baking at home

Bake it ’til you make it

The spike in baking activity during the last couple of months, while in lockdown, has been nothing short of astronomical.

With major retailers running out of baking supplies, such as flour and baking powder, and outlets such as The Economist, ITV and BBC all covering the topic, it’s evident that the popularity of baking has risen exponentially. Research from Mintel reveals that almost 41 million Brits, equivalent to 79% of adults, now bake at home.

Baking enthusiasts will vouch for the therapeutic and calming feeling that comes with it, something that many people have now taken to. As we approach yet another week of social distancing, working from home and dealing with the new normal of a global pandemic, it comes as no surprise that people are looking for way to positively occupy their time.

An article from The Guardian discusses the surge in home baking and the reasons behind it, specifically highlighting the comforting and relaxing effects baking can have. Some studies have also shown that baking is connected to positive feelings, with psychologists starting to explore cooking and baking as a beneficial tool to help people deal with anxiety and low moods.

Another benefit of lockdown baking is the time spent as a family. Activities such as baking not only promote positive wellbeing but also encourage children to experiment and explore food, providing an enjoyable experience as well as an educational one while being away from school.

With this in mind, Liquid recently created Kitchen Adventures for Maple from Canada. This series of educational workbooks are designed for five different age ranges of children and teens, with the aim of encouraging and inspiring the next generation to get cooking, all from the comfort of their homes. Find more information and download the workbooks here. 

During these challenging and uncertain times, undoubtedly unease and stress are at all-time highs, and to combat this people are rightfully discovering the ways in which baking can help promote mindfulness, productivity and a welcome distraction.

With that in mind, what will you be baking next?