Whitley Fund for Nature Reverse the Fade

An impactful Instagram campaign to highlight the plight of endangered species

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting pause on the 2020 Whitley Award ceremony, Liquid wanted to still build a buzz ahead of the announcement of the award winners via social media.

The brief

A social media campaign to celebrate the efforts and accomplishments of the 2020 Whitley Award winners while simultaneously highlighting the devasting effects of species extinction.

What we did

The #ReverseTheFade campaign saw us share an image from each award winner’s conservation project with one very important difference – the species in the image was faded out to represent its percentage decline. The images were designed to demonstrate the effects of the population decline, in a poignant way, with the images of species that were less faded demonstrating the lower percentage of decline and vice versa. The contrast of the faded animal against the colour background gave the Instagram feed a unique look and feel, quite unlike anything Whitley Fund for Nature has done before.

The result

The campaign had a big impact, with #ReverseTheFade garnering nearly 1,000 interactions including likes, shares and comments. Audience reach also grew considerably with an estimated 18,543 impressions, representing a 296.8% increase in comparison to weeks prior. For more on the work of these conservation heroes, follow @WhitleyAwards on Instagram.