West Midlands 5G Paid Social Media Strategy

West Midlands 5G (WM5G) is the organisation established to drive the roll-out and adoption of 5G networks and technology across the West Midlands, and to test, prove and scale-up new 5G products and services. Working in partnership with public and private sector organisations in the UK, WM5G has delivered use cases in the areas of manufacturing, transport and health and social care.

The brief

5G has the potential to transform manufacturing resilience and boost productivity. Having undertaken a series of use cases with two regional manufacturing organisations, WM5G wanted to reach out to SME manufacturers promoting the advantages of utilising 5G-connected applications. WM5G had two objectives: to drive awareness of manufacturing use cases and showcase the benefits of private 5G networks; and to obtain contact information from SME manufacturers to build relationships. WM5G had a £1k budget and looked to Liquid to deliver a paid social campaign to deliver against their key objectives.

What we did

Liquid advised WM5G to allocate the spend to a paid campaign on LinkedIn. One of the benefits of paid LinkedIn campaigns is the ability to be hyper-focused with targeting, meaning that you can reach individuals with specific job titles or skills in each business. We worked closely with WM5G to ensure unified messaging and to highlight the key benefits 5G technology can bring to SME manufacturers in the social advertisements. The budget was split between three elements of the campaign, driving video views, direct contact via InMail and lead generation.

The Results

To drive awareness, a video of WM5G’s ongoing project with SME manufacturer, AE Aerospace was showcased to a national SME audience.  The lead generation campaign invited users to submit their details. WM5G then began outreach to those SMEs who had shown an interest in investing a 5G network.

For the InMail element of the campaign, we delivered personalised messages from WM5G’s manufacturing lead, Riccardo Webber to the identified targets so they could connect with him directly and be directed to submit their details via the WM5G contact form.

The paid LinkedIn campaign ran for four weeks and in that time delivered strong results for WM5G including:

  • A total of eight leads from an SME manufacturing audience, five directly from LinkedIn and three from the WM5G contact form on their website
  • A total of 57k impressions
  • 4k video views of the AE Aerospace Video
  • 341 clicks to WM5G site, with 78% coming from SMEs in the manufacturing industry based in the West Midlands
  • The InMail had 144 opens with a strong open rate of 46.6%.