Solicitors Regulation Authority, Annual Review 2016/17, photography

Solicitors Regulation Authority: designing an annual review

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) regulates 180,000 solicitors working in law firms in England and Wales. A key aspect of its communication with members is the production of an annual review, for which Liquid was commissioned.

The brief

The annual review needed to feature information on how the SRA uses funds; information on diversity; workforce profile; objectives and plans for the future; and updates on anti-money laundering activity. The brief called for a vibrant and contemporary approach with the layout allowing the information to be presented in English and Welsh.

What we did

We commissioned new photography, shot in London and Birmingham, and gave the design a contemporary twist by accentuating a secondary colour palette. Information graphics and illustrations made statistical information easily accessible. The layout employed white space and a structured typographic hierarchy. English and Welsh versions were bound back to back in a single publication.

Solicitors Regulation Authority, Annual Review 2016/17
Solicitors Regulation Authority, Annual Review 2016/17