Maple Garden Party

A summer garden party for Michelin star chefs

Maple syrup is a vital part of Canadian culture and its popularity is growing in the UK. Chefs love it too, so we thought we would show them the versatility of this premium product at a special lunch.

The brief

Our client, Maple from Canada, loved our work with chefs and the way we engaged with industry leaders to highlight the benefits of cooking with maple. The challenge was to bring everything together for a spectacular event.

What we did

Chefs love food. And they love a party. So we decided to stage a summer garden party for top professionals at a prestigious location, Michelin-starred Simpsons restaurant. We like surprises, so there was a twist – all the courses featured the different grades of maple to showcase its diversity in savoury and sweet dishes.

The result

Michelin star chefs joined restaurant legend Pierre Koffmann and national food writers for a four-course menu celebrating the different flavours of pure Canadian maple. The event sparked interesting discussions about the product and creative ideas for recipe development, in addition to seeding the idea of maple as an essential culinary ingredient.

Maple Garden Party, Maple From Canada
Maple Garden Party, Maple from Canada
Maple Garden Party, Maple from Canada, serving up the main course