Maple Apprentices

Maple education: training young chefs

The Federation of Québec Maple Syrup Producers wanted to engage with new audiences to develop awareness of the brand in the UK. Liquid suggested building a relationship with the food education sector, using our industry contacts and know-how to promote maple as a “go to” ingredient.

The brief

We identified the next generation of professional chefs as a key market. Through the trainees’ exploration of maple syrup, we sought to create great stories and content, and link Maple from Canada to culinary education, showing a benefit for food development and the individual learning of young people.

What we did

Liquid built a unique network of education partners for Maple from Canada. Our chef director helped to develop a bespoke teaching module with University College Birmingham (UCB) focusing on maple, looking at its culinary, nutritional and scientific properties. Maple from Canada became a supporter of the prestigious Royal Academy of Culinary Arts’ Annual Awards of Excellence, and the Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees (ABST). We developed a 40-page Apprenticeship Guide to Maple.

The result

The first cohort of UCB students successfully completed the inaugural “maple module” and new programmes are underway. Eight colleges from the UK and Ireland competed in the ABST maple bake-off, and Maple from Canada continues to support the RACA Awards of Excellence.