Maple football squad

Maple and football: a match for every day

Maple is the perfect natural sweetener as well as a great source of energy, making it ideal for athletes seeking to refuel after strenuous performances and work-outs.

The brief

To convey positive health messages, Liquid looked for an innovative partnership to enhance perceptions about maple syrup and reach new consumer audiences in the sports and lifestyle sector.

What we did

We approached FA Women’s Super League club Birmingham City Women with a programme to support the development of players, focusing on diet. As a result, Maple from Canada became the principal partner for Birmingham City Women in a ground-breaking three-year deal. As part of our activity, we created an emotive video for International Women's Day, highlighting Jess Carter's inspirational sporting story.

The result

The players’ kit is Maple from Canada branded and they benefit from maple-inspired sports recipes and athletic nutrition programmes. Team members attend regular cookery sessions with our chef director at a top culinary institution and are encouraged to cook from scratch and think about their diets. Professional coaches say the food activities promote team-building and a positive attitude among the players.