Cyrille Regis Legacy Trust

Cyrille Regis was a former footballer who tragically passed away in 2018. Cyrille was blessed with pace, power, and a penchant for spectacular goals and was an inspiration to generations of black players.

The trust was set up following Cyrille’s passing to honour his legacy and continue to work on charitable projects.

Social – diversity and inclusion/impact on local communities:

The Cyrille Regis Legacy Trust strives to:
• Develop and support football-based projects which lie at the heart of their communities’.
• Create and support mentoring initiatives which help people from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their social and economic circumstances.
• Break down barriers in our communities.

What we did:

To help in promoting awareness of the charities work, Liquid took over the social channels on a pro-bono basis in October 2020, which have helped to keep users up to date with the programme and helped to inspire anyone they can achieve anything regardless of their background or gender.

Alongside this, ongoing pro-bono PR work is helping to spread awareness about the trust helping to spread the message far and wide. This has included getting the charities name across the LED advertising boards around the Hawthorns stadium and to the hundreds of thousands of people watching the West Brom vs Everton Premier League match on Amazon Prime in March 2021.

Social results have been impressive and created a community pined into the aims of the trust since Liquid took over the channels with engagements, impressions and following increased, in some cases by thousands of percent.