Always In Season Podcast

Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) represents the interests of 11,300 men and women who produce maple syrup, a natural, eco-friendly, and renewable product. Marketed under the Maple from Canada brand, maple syrup is now enjoyed in some 60 nations by people who appreciate its unique taste, authentic origins, and environmental responsibility.

Environmental - sustainability helping to reduce climate risk:

Pure Canadian maple syrup is a naturally sustainable product and each year 962,200 metric tons of carbon is absorbed by maple syrup producing forests in Quebec. Carbon storage means cleaner air and oxygen for us to breathe and has a positive effect on climate change.

What we did

To address both the rise in popularity of podcasts and the ongoing concern about climate change and sustainability, we created the Always in Season podcast for Maple from Canada to raise awareness around the environmental importance of seasonal cooking.

The series features guests including chefs, artisan producers and food writers and is available on major platforms including Spotify and iTunes. Liquid regularly promotes the show across Maple’s digital and social channels and press office to help draw in more listeners.

The podcast has been ranked at number 5 on the Best 15 UK Hospitality Podcasts list and Liquid has also created a maple seasonal food wheel to work alongside the sustainability campaign. Users can access the food wheel on Maple’s website which allows people to see easily what food is in season in the UK and access maple inspired recipes that work for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.