Liquid highlights project to project Jersey's marine environment

Protecting our marine environment

Sir David Attenborough’s “Blue Planet II” brought home the fragility of the marine environment, not least the threat posed by plastics.

Nature conservation is a topic close to Liquid’s heart and we already work with leading wildlife charity The Whitley Fund for Nature on its global awards scheme.

So our team was delighted to help another client, Butterfield, a leading global private bank and wealth manager, highlight the importance of marine habitats in the Channel Islands.

Jersey Marine Conservation’s new “Touch Tank,” sponsored by Butterfield, will help islanders of all ages understand the natural wonders that play out beneath the waves.

As part of the Butterfield Marine Watch project, the tank is being taken to schools and used at local events to give people the opportunity to see and interact with the creatures that live in the intertidal zone, which are exposed at low tide and submerged when the sea rises.

Kevin McIlwee, of Jersey Marine Conservation, said: “As an island, conservation issues affect us directly. Overfishing, agriculture lifestyles, population growth and pollution pose ever-increasing threats to our sea creatures and their habitats.

“We recognise that children and adults don’t always associate directly with the marine environment and we are seeking to address this.

“With Butterfield’s support, we are now in a position to develop a curriculum-based ‘Marine Watch’ strategy, which involves understanding marine animal behaviour through an exciting and tactile learning opportunity, bringing the Touch Tank to the classroom.

“It’s important that children can develop a deeper understanding of the importance of local marine conservation.

‘Butterfield is leading the way by creating a programme that educates and engages our community. The Touch Tank opens up conversations around reusing, recycling and reduction among islanders.”

Noel McLaughlin, chief operating officer at Butterfield Bank (Jersey) Limited, said: “We’re delighted to partner with Jersey Marine Conservation on its mission to educate islanders about Jersey’s natural habitats.

“At Butterfield, we are consciously trying to do our bit for the environment in the communities we call home. Living on an island, we should recognise the importance of local conservation and work together to preserve our marine creatures and habitats.”