Abi Reeves making pancakes

Abi’s perfect pancakes with apple brandy batter

One of our favourite days of the year has arrived and our client services manager Abi has been busy making the team some flippin’ delicious pancakes in Liquid’s stunning new professional kitchen.

To give her pancakes a decadent twist, Abi added a drop of apple brandy to the batter. After the team’s extensive taste test, it’s safe to say the alcohol was a welcome addition.

Naturally, we topped our Pancake Day treats with a sprinkle of maple sugar, a squeeze of lemon juice and a drizzle of pure maple syrup, courtesy of our friends at Maple from Canada.

Whilst whipping up a fresh batch, Abi shared her top tips for anyone preparing to celebrate Shrove Tuesday – be patient.

“Be prepared for your first pancake to not be the best, as you’re getting a feel for the right temperature in the pan and the right amount of batter to use,” says Abi. “Don’t worry though, they’ll get better as you go.”

Hungry for more great pancake recipe ideas to treat your nearest and dearest? Take a look at Manon Lagrève’s authentic crêpe Bretonne with maple salted caramel and apples, currently featured on the Maple from Canada website.

Manon’s video was filmed in our flagship kitchen right here at Liquid HQ, which was specifically designed with food photography and filming in mind.

Finally, if you’re planning to cook up a storm this Pancake Day, remember to get creative and embrace first-pancake-failures – because things can only get batter.