Our experience in the education sector runs the full gamut of the services we offer. From media relations and event planning through to crisis communications and reputation management. We have helped convert schools into academies, created brand identities for new schools and designed online and offline communications tools including websites, prospectuses and brochure packs.


Financial services is a core area of expertise for Liquid. Our experts in public relations, marketing and design have years of experience providing communications and branding advice at the highest level to clients with offices in the world's leading financial jurisdictions.


With an in-depth knowledge of the consumer press, Liquid establishes contacts and provides feature ideas for a wide range of lifestyle media - from TV to lifestyle magazines. Understanding the unique target audiences, we ensure that all communications are tailored and targeted effectively.


From targeting the trade press to vertical media, Liquid tailors the story and the message as appropriate. This activity can dovetail with conferences and events in order to ensure a seamless approach. Our consultancy service also includes a broader range of business drivers - from stakeholder mapping to assisting with business development strategy and activity.


We have substantial experience in crisis communications and are experienced in the strategic and practical preparation of procedures, table top exercises and post-incident/accident company repositioning.
The team has dealt with a range of situations including a fatal plane crash, industrial tribunals, fraud cases, incorrect dispensing of prescriptions, product recall, BSE/CJD, foot and mouth and murder.


With teams in Jersey and Guernsey, Liquid has a deep understanding of the communications landscape in the Channel Islands. We have many years of experience working with clients in the islands' financial services and leisure industries, and understand the unique opportunities and challenges that face businesses in the Channel Islands. Our longstanding relationships with the islands' media ensure that we are able to help clients achieve exposure across all available communications channels. For Channel Islands-based clients who have offices in other jurisdictions we are able to draw on our wider relationships with national and international media to deliver a cohesive brand message.