Scott Farms International, a grower, exporter and distributor of sweet potatoes, looked to launch a new and unique product - the UK’s first sweet potato-only snack, Scott Farms Sweet Potato Chips.

Liquid was briefed to give marketing, design, research and PR support, to assist with research, positioning, branding, product launch and publicity.

Having researched the burgeoning UK snacks market (estimated to be worth £3.8bn by 2016); Liquid positioned the product as a ‘chip’ rather than a ‘crisp’ and prepared the integrated marketing strategy including business development, sales as well as the soft launch. Liquid wrote and designed the chips' packet ensuring it was eye-catching, distinctive, conveyed the quality of product, but with a quirky, fun element.

Overseeing every stage – from draft designs to the printing process – even the bar codes, Liquid then worked on the chips’ soft launch at the Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin.

A new dedicated website, www.scottfarmschips.co.uk, was written and designed, targeting both trade and consumers.

The result – the trade show, a sales presentation and trade coverage saw the listed in niche wholesalers and distributors with a focus on gourmet, independent stores, garden centres and farm shops.

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