developing in new jurisdictions

Hawksford has been a long-standing client of Liquid’s having first appointed us in 2010 to provide local PR support. The trust company was going through a rebrand following the undertaking of client insight research and Liquid then secured Hawkford’s national and international PR which had been previously managed by a large London-based agency.

Liquid’s ongoing mission has been to raise the profile of the client to its target audiences, creating positive perceptions and maintaining and improving its reputation. Through a series of measurable objectives, Liquid and Hawksford are able to clearly see that the strategy and tactical activity being employed is satisfying the mission which has been set. The longevity of the relationship has allowed the team to adapt its strategic approach and tactics as Hawksford has evolved and expanded its operation into different jurisdictions and new areas of specialism.

Liquid’s efforts have seen excellent results in terms of volume of coverage, placement of media releases, features and thought-leadership articles in a core selection of trade media and in the repetition of key messages. Repeated client insight research has also backed up these results.

As Hawksford’s geographical footprint has grown, Liquid has worked with the internal marketing team to identify and develop opportunities in each jurisdiction, working closely with other agencies where relevant.

The ongoing PR campaign and the Hawksford Thought Paper (see design tab) have been recognised by industry peers as exceptional and secured several awards including the 2013 PRide (Wessex and Channel Islands) ‘best use of media relations’ and ‘corporate and business communications campaign of the year awards; 2013 PRCA DARE (South East) ‘marketing, media and measurement’ award and the 2013 PRCA DARE (Midlands) ‘marketing, media and measurement’ award.