four-star service

Jersey’s only group of four-star hotels appointed Liquid to increase awareness of the Dolan Group brand, drive footfall to food and beverage outlets and increase local accommodation sales during winter.

Liquid met the objectives through the planning and implementation of a hard working media relations campaign. We established the group’s core CSR programme, working with all States secondary schools and Highlands College. This was the first time any island hotel group had committed to a long-term educational programme, enriching the learning experience of all students involved.

Liquid also operated a press function for Dolan, capitalising on opportunities to generate national exposure. In 2013, we generated significant coverage around the powerful story of a couple returning to one of the group’s hotels for the 90th time – and being rewarded with a 1960-style bill in return. Our creative approach and commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions resulted in significant return on investment during the campaign.