REPOSITIONING an international banana brand

Liquid was engaged by international banana brand Chiquita to develop a creative strategy for its network of PR companies in Europe. Working with the company’s CSR team, Liquid examined how Chiquita’s reputation as the ‘big, bad, banana brand’ could be corrected. The challenge was to change stakeholder (employees, suppliers, retailers, environmental and social welfare activities, consumers) attitudes towards Chiquita as a company that is doing good by the environment and its workers; encourage all Chiquita stakeholders to ‘like’ Chiquita; win widespread consumer support for the company.

Chiquita wanted consumers to give them the thumbs up; literally. Liquid developed a toolkit to be used by the different markets, which gathered together the collective, corporate view on key CSR topics, ethical business and behaviour/actions towards employees and the environment. Liquid also developed crisis procedures so that Chiquita was ready to react and respond appropriately to any negativity. The aim was for the target audience to ‘like’ Chiquita and in turn Chiquita to ‘like’ the subjects it cares about, which gave rise to the campaign logos: