Liquid was appointed by the Erudition Schools Trust to introduce it as a new education sponsor in the UK, and also to manage the conversion of North Walsall Primary School to academy status in just 12 weeks (most conversions take between six and 18 months).

Liquid’s approach included:

•    Consultation groups to listen to concerns and to highlight the process

•    A newsletter distributed to parents and the wider community. Recordings in several languages for parents unable to read/speak English

•    Pupils helping design the new school logo and staff involved with choosing the name of the new academy

Despite the tight time frame, Charles Coddy Walker Academy was ready in just 12 weeks and was officially opened by the Schools Commissioner, Dr Elizabeth Sidwell. 

As part of this project Liquid also arranged a briefing with the Sunday Times, facilitated a meeting with the Secretary of State for Education, and worked with BBC Radio 4 on their ‘Academies – the real story’ programme to highlight the work involved in transforming a school into an academy.

“The DfE says that this has been one of the fastest and smoothest academy openings they have known.”

Karen Mackay, MD, Erudition Schools Trust