managing the reputation of a leading education provider

Closing down a local school and opening a faith academy in some of the most challenging parts of the UK requires robust communication throughout the process.

Liquid plays a key role in supporting leading education provider and academy sponsor, Woodard Schools in its ambitious academies programme. Working across West Sussex, Kent and Staffordshire Liquid brings together the stakeholders for each predecessor school and then engages with them via public consultations, direct communication and media relations. Representing the sponsor, we facilitate staff, parent, community and pupil consultations from the closing down and announcement of the proposed academies to the development of branding, uniform and staff TUPE issues. Regular communication is then drip fed out via newsletters, website updates and a proactive media relations campaign.

The objective is to seek feedback and consult as widely as possible prior to the funding agreement being approved to providing a hard working approach during the implementation phase of an academy opening to ensure excitement, awareness, stakeholder participation and renewed community interest and engagement with the new school.