Photo credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Photo credit: PA Wire/PA Images

She may lead the country, but Theresa May has shown on the campaign trail she hasn’t mastered that most difficult of tasks – eating in public.

During a visit to Cornwall, the PM was snapped looking very awkward as she tackled a simple cone of chips. It sounds easy, but Mrs May is not the first politician – and won’t be the last – to be caught out thus. Remember Ed Miliband and that bacon butty?

Photographing people and food separately is okay – it’s when you combine them that it can become a recipe for PR disaster. And it’s not confined to the UK; just ask Republican candidate Michele Bachmann, who was caught chomping on a corndog at the Iowa State Fair a few years back. Let’s just say it wasn’t a good look.

So what’s the answer? Food and people will often come together in photo opportunities – whether it’s electioneering or the royal tour of a biscuit factory. The solution is perhaps just make sure they don’t actually eat any of it while there’s a camera lens nearby.

Sadly, however, there’s little you can do about them being pictured in those hygiene hairnets…