Hard to believe, but it was 12 years ago that M&S launched its first food advert; many of us can still remember the chocolate oozing from the melt in the middle Belgium chocolate pudding, served with extra thick Channel Island cream… ok, that’s enough.

Today it’s not just M&S food adverts that are causing us to salivate at our screens. Flick through your social newsfeed and it won’t be long before you come across a picture of your friend’s breakfast, coffee or cocktail. A recent article in The Guardian highlighted that our brains are programmed to find food, and that one of the largest increases in cerebral blood flow occurs when a hungry brain is exposed to images of desirable food. That explains why food and drink content is amongst the highest performing on social media. As well as image-based content, the last 18 months has seen an influx of video content, from gifs and Boomerang animations to full recipe videos. And it’s not just user-generated content; after launching Tasty, a cooking and recipe webpage, Buzzfeed saw more online growth than any other US publication – and it was all driven by its Facebook cookery videos*.

For food and drink brands and even trade bodies, investing in the creation of engaging food-related content seems like a no-brainer. However, it’s the execution that is key. Here at Liquid, we have just finished producing some delectable videos for our client, The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (FPAQ). Bespoke recipes featuring pure maple syrup and other maple products from Quebec were developed by our chef director David Colcombe; our friends at Pixillion then created a special aerial rig to allows us to capture his skilled hands at work – as well as the pure maple syrup in all its golden glory, of course. Check out some behind the scenes pics – with the finished videos coming soon to www.welovemaple.co.uk

This is not just any maple website…