Photo credit (Katherine Lim@flikr)

Social media has had a hugely significant impact on our relationship with food.

#cleaneating, with an incredible 23,730,250 posts on Instagram, and the way it is portrayed on social media has changed the way millions of people consider their diet. Instagram is full of vibrant pictures of avocado on toast, add a poached egg to that and it’s all the better, chia seed puddings and green juices. #foodporn (93,910,761 posts on Instagram).

Since finding its spiritual home on Instagram, the #cleaneating brigade has truly captured and redefined how a generation of millennials express their lifestyle choices. Through social media, healthy food has turned into a symbol of status and belonging. Meanwhile, the status and influence of wellness and food bloggers has transcended beyond the kitchen and online. 

This can be illustrated by the likes of Ella Winn, better known as Deliciously Ella.  Featuring at number 10 on the list of Britain’s 50 most influential foodies, she has made the leap to mainstream by modelling for luxury brands such as Amanda Wakeley. The jump from embodying the way a generation approaches nutrition through blogging, to fronting national advertising campaigns proves the power and social influence of the #cleaneating crew.