Photo credit (PrintHouse)

For all designers, Pantone books are the most powerful colour selection tool bar-none. synonymous with offline printed material. For decades their colour reference books have helped every designer on the planet choose colours.

But now Pantone have released a new app ‘Pantone Studio’ This isn’t the first time Pantone have delved into digital territory, releasing 'MyPantone' back in 2009. Their new app however is designed for users to capture inspiration wherever they are, seizing colour creation from the world around them. The app syncs with Adobe’s Creative Cloud and seamlessly with your design programs, easily adding colour palettes to your latest project.

Most creatives know that inspiration can strike anywhere and and at anytime. Having a mobile close by to snap the perfect colour combination or inspiration piece is an indispensable tool. Literally having a Pantone book in your pocket, can surely be no bad thing. I’m sure it’ll never replace the Pantone books themselves, but as a starting point for colour inspiration I’m sold. It’s already in my pocket!