(Photo credit: Twitter/Gareth Bale)

(Photo credit: Twitter/Gareth Bale)

It might not seem a lot. But two simple words Together and Stronger brought together in a hashtag has caught the spirit of the Wales team and its supporters in a magical way.

Sure, there’s the talisman Galatico Gareth Bale. But he is clearly part of the team which has a togetherness that other teams appeared to lack. Then there is the manager Chris Coleman and the fans, who are like the 12th player in their support. Again, they are together stronger.

It has been that team that has driven results in the Euro 2016 football championships, not individuals. A real joint effort.

#TogetherStronger has also caught fire in today’s social media world. You only need to take a look at Twitter to see how people are backing the Wales team. Heck, there’s even a book called Together Stronger charting the team’s journey to these championships.

It also turns out that there is a backstory to #TogetherStronger, according to The Independent. The badge stitched onto the team shirt since 1951 states Gorau Chwarae, ‘Cyd Chwarae’ - ‘Best Play is Team Play’, and it was those words that helped inspire ‘Together. Stronger.’

And while it might appear to have started as something of a marketing slogan, it has taken on a life of its own thanks to the players themselves happily using it through their social media channels as they fought together to reach Euro 2016 – their only major tournament since 1958.

In one instance, the players were asked to encourage fans to provide their social media profile images for a mosaic in which Bale, Aaron Ramsey and Ashley Williams were to feature via social media using #TogetherStronger. It reached 10.9 MILLION users and 208,000 supporters responded.

And it’s been used inclusively from under-21 sides, the deaf and women’s teams, press conferences and posters. Even the first minister of Wales put out a press release titled “Together Stronger: ‘Wales is right behind you’.”

Now, huge numbers of people across the UK and from around the world are backing Wales in the Euro 2016 championships.

Indeed, we are #TogetherStronger.