Last week Manchester was taken over by a bunch of lemons. Well not literally, but they were strewn across billboards, bus stops and shops. Huge pictures of a single slice of Lemon. But what did it all mean? Besides a clever use of the iconic lemon logo – forever associated with the Stone Roses, the posters didn’t contain a single piece of typography, but they created the kind of buzz that marketers dream of.

In the 20 years since the Stone Roses split, they’ve managed to keep the brand and their music ‘fresh’ (excuse the intended pun). Last week’s campaign promoted frenzied speculation that the band was about to release new music. And sure enough, they have, giving fans what they’ve been asking for since 2012 when the band reformed for three massive shows at Heaton Park.

Clever use of media, with cryptic messages on Twitter and anonymous printed posters, helped create a real buzz about the highly anticipated release. It’s been a while since the intelligent use of a single picture has created such a huge slice of interest. I’ll stop now.

All for one…