If any of us have grown vegetables ourselves we appreciate that they rarely come out of the ground or hang off branches in the perfect and flawless shape that we find them in supermarkets. In the past supermarkets have assumed that consumers want perfection – perfectly red apples, polished peppers and bananas that are not too curved. But this is all changing. Consumers don’t believe in the flawless brand anymore or the promise of perfection, they want reality. The growth of the wonky veg section in supermarkets shows an honest approach to communication with customers. Many want a natural product and although it may not be quite so aesthetically pleasing, it’s real.

Brands are in many respects like people – they don’t need to be perfect to be successful or liked. They just need to be authentic. The product and its reputation need to align. Brands that are truthful and transparent gain trust, respect and loyalty. Selling wonky veg not only reduces waste and provides a cost effective option for shoppers, but it reinforces the green credentials and highlights a supermarket’s commitment to sustainability.

In an age when we’re moving away from plastic celebrity, this honest conversation with consumers is now more important than ever.