The PRCA recently held a thought provoking event on the future of PR at Liquid’s Birmingham office, in which Alison Clarke and Adrian Wheeler discussed their thoughts on the key factors affecting the industry.

One topic that resonated with me was about proposition and going to market, in which Alison discussed her views on the competitiveness of the industry and how agencies should differentiate themselves in order to attract clients.

According to the PRCA PR Census 2013 there are over 62,000 practitioners, over 300 agencies and over 200 in-house PR teams in the UK, indicating that competition for clients is fierce.

Amongst Alison’s discussion she touched upon the importance of constantly reconsidering your offerings to a client, which I took to mean adapting to the ever-changing environment. Standing still in both PR and business will cause you to fall behind, innovation and re-evaluating offerings must be at the top of the agenda in order to keep clients happy and attract new interest.

As well as innovation, as an industry, it was proposed by both Alison and Adrian that we need to learn the language of the client. Clients want a trusted advisor, someone who knows their business, the challenges they face and has had experience working in similar business environments. Knowing the language of the client, which includes business KPIs, vision, values, environment etc, is essential to building strong relationships and establishing the worth of PR within the business.