Photo credit: (Kreepin Deth / Wikipedia)

Bands always find innovative ways to market their music. Remember Radiohead’s In Rainbows “pay what you want” album launch in 2007, or U2 giving away Songs of Innocence for free on iTunes? The success of these stunts is open to debate, but no one can deny how revolutionary they were in their time.

Rockers Metallica have picked up the gauntlet for the release of their 10th studio album Hardwired… to Self-Destruct. The album is being released on 18th November but fans will be teased with a sneak preview of the single Atlas, Rise! as a Halloween treat. From last Friday, fans could pick up a limited edition Hardwired… to Self-Destruct Halloween mask from selected record stores around the world. Inside each mask is a special access code that will allow fans to hear the new track 30 minutes prior to its official launch time today.

Metallica is cleverly using the Halloween season to promote Hardwired. Combining traditional “sneak preview” marketing techniques with modern technology, the band is creating a buzz around the new album and driving fans to record stores around the world to pick up a limited edition spooky mask.  It’s sure to get the metalheads talking and could even inspire the next generation of Metallica fans. Rock on!