The worlds of PR, digital and technology have been converging for years and professionals that haven’t already realised and embraced this are on the back foot.
The communications industry may have shied away from technology and digital in the past but there’s no avoiding it now. Marketing and IT departments are becoming symbiotic. Responsibility for social media often sits with the PR function.
The recently published State of the Profession 2015 report from the CIPR finds that in-house PR professionals are working ‘more closely’ with every department in their organisations than two years ago. So at first I was surprised that just 20% of PR professionals identify digital and technical PR skills as key competencies for both junior and senior practitioners.
Meanwhile 64% of the PR industry believes traditional skills such as written communication and interpersonal skills are the most important attributes, and perhaps this is where the truth lies.
PR is traditionally about building relationships and it remains our USP to communicate clearly and honestly with audiences across multiple platforms.
Yes, the PR industry must adapt to stay ahead (I’m booked on to a digital strategy course!), but we must also remember our strengths and play to them.
And breathe a sigh of relief that the next generation of PR executives may have some knowledge of coding.
To read the State of the Profession report follow this link